The Original Maxwell Street Station

Famous Polish -- Pork Chop Sandwiches

The Original Maxwell St. Station @ Maxwell and Halsted.
R.I.P. July 30 2001

A new Jim's is located at Roosevelt and Union


1. 79th and Harlem
2. 81st and Pulaski
3. 67th and Cicero
4. 49th and Ashland

5. 111th and Austin
6. 55th and Western
7. 63rd and Western
8. 111st and Halsted
9. 76th and State
10. 138th and Pulaski
11. Diversey and Damen
12. 31st and Canal
13. Independence Blvd. and Congress
14. 79th / Stony Island / South Chicago Ave.
15. State and Wabash
16. 76th and Ashland
17. Jackson and Cicero
18. 43rd and Michigan

Purchase authentic Maxwell Polish Sausage from Bobak's., the same supplier the Maxwell Street Stations use.

This recipe has been in effect since at least 1939.

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