Microsoft XBOX

Made in Taiwan in approx. 2003, this is version 1.4. I opened the bitch up to expose its video chip (its a 'Focus' type) which gave me its version #. I got this originaly as a gift in 2003 I believe for Christmas and it promptly broke and refused to read discs. I brought it back immediately and got a new one, this is it. Runs like a top. I wanted this system primarily to play Grand Theft Auto which seemed fun, at the time I had zero interest in any video games or systems at all. Clearly, things have snowballed a bit since then.

Here are my main accessories. One of the xbox controllers came with, the other I bought seperately, its not made by Microsoft. I also purchased the xbox live headset which works well tho I stopped using xbox live a while back and canceled it. The last thing is called 'Action Replay'. Its a Memory Card which also comes with a USB dock so you can share game saves over the Net. I bought it for help in modding my xbox but it was useless to that end (more on that below)

Also worthy of note is the DVD playback package including remote and electronic eye (pictured at top of page).


Star Wars Clone Wars
Links 2004
Atari Anthology
Rapala Pro Fishing
Tony Hawk Proskater 4
Tony Hawk Proskater 2x
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
NHL 2005


'S-Type' Controller
As you might have been able to see in the pic previous, My stock xbox controller has been modded to have a USB connector rather then the usual xbox connector. When combined with this driver, you can use the controller on your PC. This is great for playing emulators.

My original goal was to get a hold of a full breakaway cable and then I could use it as an adapter. However, these are impossible to come by, you can only find the replacement breakaways, not the entire cable (with male and female xbox connectors on either end). Im confused when this was actually sold, since even the oldest xbox controllers have breakaways built in. However, I had read from numerous sources that target and/or game stop used to sell them. Anyways, I came up with a good solution to this problem......

'The Duke' Controller
This is the original pack-in controller for the xbox. they are now a bit more rare and also valued. its a different feel for sure, i copped this off a friend for buying him lunch.
This is a custom xbox to usb cable. the USB end is female, the main purpose of this cable is to hook a USB flash/pen drive to the xbox and use it to transfer data/game saves. This is my replacement for the Action Replay, which insisted on corrupting my game saves as I continue to try to softmod my xbox. This cable serves a 2nd purpose as well, that is to convert my modded xbox controller from USB back to regular xbox connector, so I can continue to use it on the xbox as well.

The cable is very easy to make, there is an equal number and color of wires in a USB and xbox cable. The xbox cable has 1 extra yellow wire which you need'nt worry about.