Turbo Grafx-16

Turbo Grafx is probably the most 'fun' vintage game system out there. It was revolutionary for its time and even today is a marvel of video gaming engineering. I also have the pictured Turbo Booster, which allows you to make RCA (Composite) connections to the TV rather then via coaxial cable.

This is a very heavy duty plastic case that came with the Turbo Grafx CD add-on. I do not have that but I Was able to acquire it for a good deal with some other accessories (seen below). This case is big, it can actually hold the TG-16 with the CD attached, as well as some games, wires, controllers, etc... Its common for the clasps that hold the lid closed to crack off, mine are both intact!
I've got two of the TurboSticks, a Turbo Pad and the Turbo Tap. The Tap is necessary becuase the TG16 only has 1 controller port on it, making multi player action impossible. I bought 1 of the Turbo STicks, the Pad and the Tap together. The guy didnt even ship me the Pad and the Tap didnt work! I bitched and he apologized for not sending the TurboPad. HE sent it out and he said that the TurboSticks do not work with the Tap, and that it wasnt actually broken. So I waited until he sent the Pad, but the Tap didnt work with that either! Now I cant get a hold of him at all. I opened up the Tap and checked for broken connections or other damage and found none. I reflowed all the solder but it still dont work...all the pins in the connector are not making connections somewhere along the line...becuase you actually can get some of teh d-pads actions to work, but not all.

Check out this bug I found in "Devil's Crush"! (Go to youtube.com to read my full explanation)


1. Alien Crush
2. Devil's Crush
3. Time Cruise
4. Keith Courage in Alpha Zone
5. Power Golf
6. Blazing Lasers
7. Bonk's Adventure
8. Bonk's Revenge
9. Sidearms
10. World Class Baseball