Sega Master System

When I was a kid I knew one person that had this. Its always been kind of mysterious to me, its like the Beta VCR of the video game industry. It has alot of wild features and awesome game play. It has autostart ROM in the console so it will actually boot without a game. It can take games as both cartridges and cards, and the card reader can also take input for a pair of 3-d glasses (not the crappy red/blue lens kind either!). the gun is awesome and im very excited to have built up my collection for this console well in a short amount of time for not much money.

The Sega Master System is actually version number 3 of the SG-1000's before it. It was released as SG-1000 Mark III in japan with a different case, tho it also has a different cartiduge slot pin configuration so you cant play american master system games on it. I know my console is from sometime between 1986-2000, in 2000 the master system II came out which is much smaller and has no card slot. This system does not hook up with composite cables, you have to go coaxial with their passthru adaptor, you can also choose channel 3 or 4 via a switch on the back (i use channel 4 just to be weird).

copped the light phaser brand new in the box still sealed for under $20, one of the best deals ever!
I used to have a full SMS system, which once upon a time i sold off to buy my turbo grafx. then i missed playing gangster town so i set out to set another system, the light gun and that game, which is what you see above. Here is my original set up with the huge bunch of accessories i used to have....