Turbo Grafx-16 Variations


TG-16 w/ Attached CD-ROM add-on
Buying an actual TG-16 console is kind of a waste, if you can get one of these. They play all the regular TG-16 games! The TV Tuner attachement is a must have!
The Turbo Duo has the CD addon already built in!


PC Engine -- The O.G.
PC Engine Core
PC Engine Core II w/ CD Addon
This plays all the regular TG-16 games, plus 4 games made specially for the system which take advantage of its 'super' graphics processing powers!
PC Engine Shuttle, a flying saucer straight out of Roswell!
PC Engine LT, a bulky and AWESOME old portable, tho it dont even take batteries!
Same exact thing as Turbo Express!!
PC Engine Duo, built in CD
#2, the PC Engine Duo R (R stands for Reverse, white instead of black)
3rd of 3 Variations, the PC Engine RX is light purple and has 6 buttons!