Neo Geo Pocket Color

I was in teh market for a portable, but the PSP and nintendo DS are too expensive. plus ill probably never own a real neo geo console (aes/mvs) so this is as good as it gets for me! fortunately, this is a powerful and FUN portable to own! ive played it extensively at this point and im astounded at how great it is, espiucally considering how little i paid for it! its so lightweight and tiny and only takes 2 AAs. It also has a backup battery (watch battery) so you can actually save progress in alot of games. this is the improvement on the original 'neo geo pocket' which is the same but not in color (both systems games are interchangable).
in the US, the NGPC games just came in a crappy cardboard box. you got the cartridge and its clear plastic case. However in Asia, you got this awesome hard shell black plastic case! This is the asian version of neo turf masters, a great golf game.
i got this AC adaptor cheap on ebay and its even translucent green. however its weird....the NGPC will tell me my backup battery is dead whenever i use the AC adaptor even tho it isnt. at any rate, its almost useless since the NGPC gets such awesome battery life, up to 40 hours on 2 AAs!!!
This is the Nyko 'Shock'n'Rock' 4-in-1 accessory. It has vibration (though it must be totally random, since the games dont support that). It also has louder speakers (which connect via teh headphone jack on the NGPC) and also a rechargeable battery. It comes with an AC adaptor (which is identical to the one I wasted money on a while back, pictured above) which can run the NGPC direct (withouth the 4-in-1) or used to charge the battery. Largely this thing is a joke but it cost me only $10 and its a nice part of the NGPCs history.
Pretty proud of this thing -- a case made for the NGPC by SNK. Came in total Japanese packaging, its a perfect fit and it has room for some games too. Super high quality and I didnt have to pay too much for it!