Sega Genesis

I never intended to branch out into this system. If I had, I would have just bought the Power Base Converter (did anyways, more on that below) and never got my SMS. Until a friend offered me the system and a controller for $10. Couldnt pass it up!
Here is the one controller I have. No real need for a 2nd one since I copped this system primarity for its light gun. However I was able to scoop up NHL 94 and 97 for free off a friend, so maybe one day ill pick up a 2nd one. Like most controllers of its day, the cord is notoriously short.
The Menacer light gun for genesis. Its wireless and very confortable and accurate. the trigger is not mechanical per se, its just like a digital doesnt really have any 'action' like other light guns (or real guns). It has also has a removable stock and sight assembly. My sight assembly is missing one of the sights and its kind of busted. Anyways, it would make shooting the gun harder then it needs to be so I removed it. The stock is kind of cool, but im most comfortable with pistol style light guns anyways. next to the gun is the reciever which sits on top of my tv. there are only 2 menacer games (excluding CD and 32x games) on regular carts in the US. They are the '6-in-1' game that comes with the gun itself, its pretty cool. and also T2: The Arcade that also and it rules!
The Power Base Converter. Well it was dumb to buy this for a few reasons, but sensible for some others. First of all, I have the SMS so I have no need for this. But, I am a completist and i think its a great accessory so i had to have it. However, the real reason I bought it was becuase I wanted to test a theory...would the SMS light phaser work with its games on the genesis? they do! my 2nd theory was to see if the menacer would work on an SMS does not. Well that was a fun experiment!
The 32x attachment. This allows you to play a 2nd library of games (besides regular Genesis games) that take advantage of the 32x's increased ability to process video and sound. Most of the games disinterest me -- except Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure. This game was also made for the regular Genesis...the 32x version is now much more rare and expensive, but I'll cop one eventually. In the meantime I'll have to make due with the Fred Couples PGA golf game I've got.

I bought this at a time when I had long since exceeded my space for more systems and accessories -- however, this takes up no additional space since it can be permentantly perched atop my Genesis!

This is the Genesis 2. The 2nd of 3 total models Sega produced, it's much smaller then the original (the Genesis 3 is even smaller then this one!). I got this for free in the auction I purchased my 32x in. Always good to have a backup.