Sega Dreamcast

I was first exposed to the Dreamcast via a friend who was into fishing. The Dreamcast no doubt has the best fishing controller ever made, and a bunch of great fishing games available for it. He had BAss Fishing I and we would play like a 4 hour marathon session switching off until we would beat the game. I bought one on ebay about 3 years ago with controllers and a few games. I got the fishing controller seperately, i bought my Dreamcast just to relive those days. I had it in storage for a while then said fuck it and put everything i had back on ebay. some dude from italy won it and i shipped it to him. after a few months he still hadnt gotten it, i went to the post office and filed the papers for a lost shipment, etc... then suddenly like a month after that i got the thing return to sender. now it had been over 90 days and the guy coudlnt even negative feedback me. i checked the address and i definately had written it right. so i said fuck it and kept it. then it sat in storage again, still packed in its box from its return trip to italy. a few months ago i started getting back into gaming and i set it up. alas, the cdplayer was shot and woudlnt read any discs. i took a big chance and bought one for $12 with shipping on ebay, it was 'as is' and untested. it didnt even come with any cables or anything (didnt need anyways). it works great! then i scored about 12-15 games off a guy i work with in exchange for burning him some DVDs.
i have two pristine dreamcast controllers, each takes 2 VMUs (memory units), i have 3 total. the fishing controller also is mint and works great.
sega never released the light gun in the US. eventually 3rd party companies made some tho. this is the european/asian one...even if you can get one, it wont work with any of the US light gun games, so you have to also get the PAL or NTSC-J versions....which I have!
copped the keyboard to play typing of the dead, and maybe one day ill get my hands on a broadband adaptor and surf the web!
The Dreamcast Mouse. Only has a couple uses....if you are using the webbrowser, its useful there along with the keyboard. One day I would like to throw down on the Broadband Adaptor and use my DSL with the dreamcast, that would be a thrill (dial-up is currently possible, but we all know that sucks, tho i have used it for a few laughs here and there). However, there is undocumented mouse support for the game Rez, and its pretty cool. Didn't pay much for this puppy anyways.


Ive got 10 in cases (just bought crazy taxi today, it isnt pictured) and the rest in a cd book, the ones I got from my co-worker. i have most of the manuals for those as well.

In Cases w/ manuals
1. Crazy Taxi
2. Sega Smash Pack Vol. 1
3. Reel Fishing Wild
4. Sega Marine Fishing
5. Web Browser 2.0
6. Midway Greatest Hits
7. Sega Bass Fishing
8. Sega Bass Fishing 2

No Case w/ manuals
9. Sega GT
10. Dynamite Cop
11. Virtua Fighter
12. Test Drive 6
13. Sonic Advenure
14. Royal Rumble
15. Star WArs Demolition
16. Expendable
17. Ready to Rumble Boxing
18. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2

Dreamcast #2

Here's a timeline of my 2 Dreamcasts:

1. Purchase Dreamcast #1 on ebay with controllers, games, etc...
2. Dreamcast #1 dies, stops reading discs
3. Dreamcast #1 is put into storage with all accessories
4. Years later, Dreamcast #1 is taken back out and intermittently works, then dies again
5. Dreamcast #2 is purchased with zero accessories for $12 on ebay and works great as 'living room' Dreamcast
6. Dreamcast #1 is relegated to paperweight status
7. Replacement laser lens, purple replacement case and new AC/RCA hookup are purchased for Dreamcast #1
8. Dreamcast #1 is fixed, along with new case and VGA adaptor and switchbox/cabling for permenant hookup to PC
9. Dreamcast #1's Switchbox fails, new 'Black Box' switchbox is purchased and the dream is a completed reality!